Dois bonecos de mão dada - Tens o poder de ajudar a criar um novo espaço de aprendizagem

The jewels of learning are within each child, within each individual in the rough. The essence of each of us comes from the combination of different elements in a virgin state of existence, like imagination, curiosity, intuition, inspiration, joy, dreams, creativity, abstraction, naturalness, beauty, truth, the ability to play all are transformation tools, of encounter, of awareness building and of self-realisation. To give some light is to illuminate the dark spaces.

Maria Miguens

A Closer Look

The A writen using Vimala's alphabet caligraphy.

What does APAS proposes for writing, mathematics, creativity?...


Detail of a pinecone and its spirals.

Which stories enchant us?

Elements of Education

Tree of Life with Darwin

What are, in APAS prespective, the elements of education?