Dois bonecos de mão dada - Tens o poder de ajudar a criar um novo espaço de aprendizagem

A Closer Look

Letter A
Letter Z
Ligature gh
Writing , an expression of the soul

Since each stroke of the pen reaffirms a thinking habit,
and each thinking habit shapes our self-image,
and self-image is the lens through which we see life,
and how we see life determines our behaviour,
if an alphabet were designed
that exhibited only the noblest human qualities,
world peace might be possibility.

In action: At APAS we use the conscious alphabet, the Vimala Alphabet.


Divergent thinking
Divergent thinking 2
Spiral Shell
Architecture 1
Architecture 2
Architecture 3
Divergent thinking and combinatorics

Development in different directions.

We use divergent thinking to generate different ideas in a short time about a same topic. Brainstorming techniques are useful to get us involved in a learning auto analysis about a certain subject. Applied strategies:

  1. Question & Answer paradigm inversion;
  2. Let music happen;
  3. Opinion based on investigation and self-investigation;
  4. Encouragement of playtime and "failure" management;
  5. Use of art strategies.

How to count without counting?

Lets play "how many possible configurations are there of a certain type of objects"!

Did you know that if a sample space has a finite number of results, determining the probability of an event is often a counting problem?