Dois bonecos de mão dada - Tens o poder de ajudar a criar um novo espaço de aprendizagem


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This project has eleven years of experience, international research and practice with children and young people who need a new approach. Internationally we have observed that despite the deep cultural and socio-economic differences between countries and regions, the problems of renovation of the nineteenth-century school are the same. In Portugal, students do not seek a renewal but a change of the whole paradigm of learning. Here we fit all children and young people with whom we have worked, from those who get the best results in school to the ones who are diagnosed with more or less severe behavior and or learning problems.

Why now? Because the international crisis that erupted in 2008, is not only economic and financial but above all socio-cultural and educational. The paradigm study-employment-success is exposed as a myth and the general public realizes that the answers of the nineteenth century do not serve in the present nor in the future of the new generations. Moreover, our project, designed for everyone, cross social classes, cultures and ideologies, receives each one with a a posteriori preparation knowing case to case and building with what each one brings along. The timelessness of these approaches comes from the fact that self-knowledge and self-awareness are, in all ages, regions and cultural contexts, the basis of a creative, productive and happy life.